History of Ecosyste.ms


Founded during the summer of 2007 Green Office Ideas, LLC was established in Boulder, Colorado by three friends who shared the vision of using remanufactured ink and toner cartridges as the first step for customers to begin implementing more environmentally sound business practices into operations.  The idea was simple, sustainable, and affordable:  Every office prints, reusing cartridges reduces waste, and organizations can save a significant amount of money.

After Green Office Ideas established a relationship with customers we encouraged them to use the money saved to invest in other sustainable business initiatives.  We then spent a lot of time educating clients about the various options that were available to them and helped them establish plans to reach their goals.  It did not take long to realize our passion for educating others and helping them build strategic plans to help them operate more sustainably.


In the Spring of 2009, two of the partners left the organization and at the time R.J. decided change the direction of Green Office Ideas, LLC and focus entirely on consulting and education.  On January 1, 2010 Green Office Innovations, LLC was established and began operating as Ecosyste.ms.  Since that time R.J. and the dedicated Ecosyste.ms Team have developed various products and services to help organizations identify and implement Simple, Sustainable, and Affordable actions.

The Ecosyste.ms Team has helped many organizations across the US and looks forward to aiding millions more…

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